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Micro low flow Coriolis flow meter


A micro low flow Coriolis flow meter is a specialized device designed to accurately measure the low flow rates of liquids or gases. It employs the Coriolis effect principle but is specifically designed for applications where the flow rates are very low.

Micro low flow Coriolis flow meters consist of small and compact vibrating tubes or sensors through which the liquid or gas flows. As the fluid passes through these tubes, the Coriolis effect induces a phase shift in the vibration of the tubes. The phase shift is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the fluid.

These flow meters are designed to handle extremely low flow rates, typically ranging from a few milliliters per minute (ml/min) to a few liters per hour (L/h). They offer high accuracy and repeatability, ensuring precise measurements even at these low flow rates. They are commonly used in applications where precise flow control and measurement are critical, such as in laboratory experiments, pharmaceutical research, chemical dosing systems, and precision fluid dispensing.

Micro low flow Coriolis flow meters provide several advantages. They offer excellent accuracy, allowing for precise control and monitoring of flow rates. They are highly responsive and can detect even the smallest variations in flow. They also offer the ability to measure both liquids and gases, providing versatility across a range of applications.

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