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Small Coriolis flow meter/flow controller


A small Coriolis flow meter/flow controller is a compact and versatile device used for measuring and controlling the flow rate of fluids. The Coriolis principle is employed in these meters, which involves the deflection of a vibrating tube when a fluid passes through it.

A small Coriolis flow meter typically consists of a U-shaped tube that is excited to vibrate at its natural frequency. When the fluid flows through the tube, it causes a phase shift in the vibration of the tube. This phase shift is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the fluid.

The compact size of these meters makes them suitable for applications where space is limited or when measuring flow rates in small pipelines or equipment. They can accurately measure the flow rate of liquids and gases, including corrosive or abrasive fluids.

Additionally, small Coriolis flow meters often have integrated flow controllers, allowing for precise flow control in real-time. These flow controllers adjust the flow rate by modulating valves or pumps based on the measured data from the Coriolis meter.

Small Coriolis flow meters/flow controllers find applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical processing, and oil and gas. They provide high accuracy, repeatability, and stability in flow measurements, making them an ideal choice for critical processes requiring precise control of fluid flow.

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