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Microfluidic Flow Meter


A microfluidic flow meter is a specialized device used for measuring the flow rate of fluids at the microscale level. It is designed to handle small volumes of fluid, typically in the range of microliters to nanoliters, and is commonly used in microfluidics research, lab-on-a-chip devices, and biomedical applications.

Microfluidic flow meters employ various principles to measure flow rates accurately. Some common techniques include:

Pressure-based measurement: This method utilizes pressure sensors or microchannels with known dimensions to calculate the flow rate based on pressure differentials across the microfluidic system.

Electrokinetic measurement: Electrokinetic phenomena, such as electroosmosis or electrophoresis, can be used to measure the flow rate by monitoring the velocity of charged particles or the movement of fluid induced by an electric field.

Optical measurement: Optical techniques, such as laser Doppler velocimetry or particle image velocimetry, are employed to track the movement of particles or fluid interfaces and determine the flow rate based on their velocities.

Microfluidic flow meters offer advantages such as high precision, low sample consumption, and compatibility with miniaturized systems. They enable precise control and monitoring of fluid flows in applications such as cell analysis, drug delivery, chemical synthesis, and diagnostic assays.

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