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Innosilicon 7*2 14P Data Cable 30cm


Innosilicon 7*2 14P Data Cable 30cm


The Innosilicon 7*2 14P Data Cable, measuring 30cm in length, is a specialized cable designed for connecting and transmitting data between mining hardware components. This cable is commonly used in the context of cryptocurrency mining rigs and ASIC miners, where a reliable and high-speed data connection is crucial for efficient mining operations.

Connector Compatibility: This cable is equipped with 14-pin connectors on both ends, designed to interface with Innosilicon mining equipment or other devices that require a 14-pin data connection.

Optimal Length: At 30cm (approximately 11.8 inches), this cable is a convenient length for connecting components within a mining rig, allowing for tidy cable management while minimizing excess cable clutter.

Data Transmission: The cable is engineered to provide high-speed and reliable data transmission, ensuring that data flows seamlessly between connected devices without interruptions or data loss.

Durable Build: Innosilicon is known for producing mining-related hardware, and their cables are typically built to withstand the rigors of constant operation in mining environments.

In summary, the Innosilicon 7*2 14P Data Cable is an essential accessory for miners using Innosilicon equipment or any devices requiring a 14-pin data connection. Its reliable data transmission capabilities and suitable length make it a practical choice for connecting various components in a mining setup.

Read more: https://www.miningpart.com/products/innosilicon-7-2-14p-data-cable-30cm

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