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Carbon Fiber Free Diving Fins


Carbon fiber blades

Manufactured using the infusion technology – double vacuum process

The specific carbon fiber strand used was developed specifically for the manufacture of freediving fins

Color: Black , White , Colorful

Professional swimming fins description:

1. Constructed with a high resilient compound that combines just the right amount of blade stiffness that delivers high performance and kick efficiency.

2. High energy compound produces more energy per kick.

3. Innovative hydrofoil design that produces forward motion (lift) with less effort.

4. Advanced composite materials for ideal flex and memory

5. Side rails add rigidity to the oversized blades for increased lift power and efficiency

6. Ergonomically designed foot pocket accommodates virtually all foot sizes and boot styles

7. Improved Speeds Underwater

8. Any logo onto the products or customized packing can be accepted,OEM and ODM orders are both welcomed.

Carbon fiber free diving fins are a cutting-edge and highly advanced type of fins designed specifically for free diving enthusiasts. These fins incorporate the use of carbon fiber, a lightweight and durable material that offers exceptional performance in the water.

Carbon fiber free diving fins are known for their outstanding stiffness-to-weight ratio, providing the diver with increased power and efficiency in each kick. The carbon fiber construction allows for optimal energy transfer from the leg muscles to the fin blade, resulting in greater propulsion and speed underwater.

These fins are meticulously designed to offer superior hydrodynamics, minimizing drag and turbulence. The sleek and streamlined shape reduces resistance, enabling divers to glide effortlessly through the water with minimal effort.

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