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BESEN 3.6kW Portable EV Charger


The BESEN 3.6kW Portable EV Charger is a compact and versatile charging solution designed for electric vehicle (EV) owners on the go. With its portable design, this charger offers convenience and flexibility, allowing users to charge their EVs wherever they are.

Featuring a power output of 3.6kW, the BESEN Portable EV Charger provides a reliable and efficient charging experience. It is compatible with standard household outlets, making it easy to use in various locations, including homes, offices, and public charging stations.

The charger’s portable nature enables EV owners to carry it with them, making it ideal for road trips, long journeys, or situations where a dedicated charging station may not be available. Its lightweight and compact design ensure ease of transportation and storage.

The BESEN 3.6kW Portable EV Charger incorporates safety features such as overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection, ensuring the security of both the charger and the connected vehicle.

With the BESEN 3.6kW Portable EV Charger, EV owners can enjoy the convenience of charging their vehicles wherever they are, ensuring they have the power they need for their journeys without relying solely on fixed charging infrastructure.

Read more: https://www.besen-group.com/product/besen-3-6kw-portable-ev-charger/

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