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10000L Double Head Horizontal Storage Tank Sake Fermentation Tank


10000L Double Head Horizontal Storage Tank Sake Fermentation Tank


The 10000L Double Head Horizontal Storage Tank is a specialized tank used for the fermentation and storage of sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine. It is designed to provide optimal conditions for the fermentation process, allowing the sake to develop its distinct flavor and aroma profiles.

The tank has a capacity of 10000 liters, providing ample space for large-scale sake production. The double head design allows for easy access to the tank for cleaning, maintenance, and sampling purposes.

The horizontal orientation of the storage tank is ideal for sake fermentation, as it provides a larger surface area for the fermentation process. This allows for better control of temperature and yeast activity, ensuring consistent fermentation results.

The tank is typically constructed from food-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and maintains the purity of the sake during fermentation and storage. Stainless steel also facilitates easy cleaning and sanitization, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and quality control.

Various features may be incorporated into the tank design to enhance functionality and efficiency. This can include temperature control systems, pressure relief valves, and sampling ports for monitoring the fermentation progress.

Sake fermentation tanks are essential equipment in sake breweries, allowing for the production of high-quality sake in large quantities. The tanks are designed to meet the specific requirements of the fermentation process, providing an optimal environment for yeast activity and flavor development.

Proper maintenance and sanitation of the fermentation tank are crucial to ensure the integrity and quality of the sake produced. Regular cleaning, sterilization, and adherence to industry best practices help prevent contamination and maintain the desired fermentation conditions.

Overall, the 10000L Double Head Horizontal Storage Tank is a specialized equipment for large-scale sake fermentation and storage. Its design and construction considerations aim to create an ideal environment for the fermentation process, contributing to the production of high-quality sake with distinct flavors and aromas.

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