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Vivtone Pro20 Digital Hearing Aids


The Pro20 is a premium medical grade rechargeable digital hearing aid powered by Intricon and Knowles chips, the same as famous brands and packed with high tech for noise cancellation and lucid sound.

Best rechargeable pair hearing aids on sale. Adaptive Feedback Cancellation overcomes feedback problem on low-end products.

USB charging dock included for recharging. Wear it all day by putting it into the dock at night.

The Pro 20 is packed with U.S.-MADE COMPONENTS, but at a fraction of the cost of other products. High-tech noise cancellation and lucid sound. An audiologist designed it. Online, it’s the best rechargeable pair of hearing aids.

The Pro20 comes with 4 sound tubes and 10 ear domes for future replacement. It is discreet and invisible since it is behind the ear (BTE).

For the best sound effect in different environments, Pro20 has four adjustable programs. Suitable for indoors, outdoors, and hunting. On all low-end products, adaptive feedback cancellation overcomes the feedback problem.

read more:https://vivtone.com/products/vivtone-pro20

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