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Innovative Injection Molding Solutions For The Automotive Industry

Innovative Injection Molding Solutions For The Automotive Industry


Injection molded plastics which are used to prepare modern components for the automotive industry are thermoplastic materials.

Due to this property, it is possible to melt them and inject them into suitable molds. One of the materials used in this technology is liquid silicone rubber, which is characterized by high moldability. In the automotive sector, foamed polypropylene (EPP) and polystyrene (EPS) are widely used – their advantages include a high degree of flexibility and durability combined with low weight.

Why should you choose plastic injection molding technology?

Injection molding services are gaining popularity in the automotive industry primarily because of the quality of the final components. Plastic injection molding enables the delivery of parts that are fully compliant with customer specifications. Knauf experts support original equipment manufacturers, through the entire production process of custom injection molded parts. Custom molding is much faster and more efficient when injection molding technology is applied – which is why it is especially worth considering.

DJmoling Injection Molding Services

DJmolding manufactures numerous components for the automotive industry using thermoplastic injection molding. The company’s experts have extensive knowledge of this process, strengthened also through their work in other industries. This translates into creating high-quality solutions for the automotive sector as well. Knauf Industries offers a full range of services related to the process of plastic injection molding. You should also remember that the plastic injection molding machine is not the only tool used during manufacturing – the technological process begins well before the plastic goes into the mold.

In-Mold Decoration (IMD): IMD is a process where decorative features, such as textures, patterns, or graphics, are directly molded onto the surface of the part. This eliminates the need for post-molding decoration processes and ensures long-lasting, durable, and visually appealing automotive interior and exterior components.

Insert Molding: Insert molding involves the integration of pre-formed inserts, such as metal components or electronic parts, into the injection molding process. This allows for the creation of fully assembled components in a single manufacturing step, reducing assembly time, and improving overall part quality.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping: The use of 3D printing in injection molding has revolutionized the automotive industry by enabling rapid prototyping, reducing lead times, and facilitating design iterations. Additive manufacturing technologies allow for the production of complex geometries and functional prototypes, leading to faster development cycles and cost savings.

Multi-Shot Molding: Multi-shot molding, also known as two-shot or multi-component molding, enables the injection of multiple materials or colors into a single mold in a sequential or simultaneous manner. This technique is used to create parts with different materials or colors integrated into specific areas, providing enhanced functionality, aesthetics, and cost efficiency.

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