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BESEN EV Charger With RFID Card (Billing)


The BESEN EV Charger with RFID Card (Billing) is an advanced and comprehensive charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs) that incorporates both RFID card technology and billing capabilities. This charger offers a seamless and convenient charging experience while enabling efficient billing and payment processes.

Equipped with an RFID card reader, the BESEN EV Charger allows users to initiate and authorize charging sessions by simply tapping their RFID card on the charger. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for manual input or authentication, streamlining the charging process.

In addition to its RFID card functionality, the charger integrates billing capabilities, enabling the tracking and calculation of charging costs. This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where users need to be billed for their charging usage, such as commercial charging stations or public charging networks.

The BESEN EV Charger with RFID Card (Billing) ensures secure and accurate billing by recording and storing charging data, including charging duration and energy consumption. This information can then be used for invoicing and payment purposes.

With its advanced billing functionality, the charger provides a comprehensive solution for EV owners, charging network operators, and service providers, enabling efficient billing and payment management while offering a user-friendly and secure charging experience.

Read more: https://www.besen-group.com/product/besen-ev-charger-with-rfid-card-billing/

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